Objectives of the Renaissing experience

Every Renaissing programme is tailor made to suit the challenges of the participants and combines the following objectives:

    • Learn from the past and present to design and lead the future.
    • Experience an inspirational intellectual journey combining history, creativity and emotional intelligence.
    • Strengthen the resilience and capacity to deal collaboratively with uncertainty in the current fast and sudden changes.
    • Co-design today’s new renaissance and create room for emerging leadership attitudes for the present and near future.
    • Reflect about challenges and opportunities in social, economic and organisational domains.
    • Sense, feel, smell, taste some of the major historical places, to look for strategic insights and intellectual stimuli.
    • Create a meeting and learning base for strategic intelligence and exploration of possible, probable and desirable futures.
    • Nurture natural leadershipconsciousness and deeper motivation in a cross-cultural setting.
    • Raise awareness on the importance of self-awareness.

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