Insights from leaders

Here are some insights and tips from the hundreds of leaders of major organisations that experienced the Renaissing programme:

“A life changing experience!”

“You might be surprised on what you will find in your own leadership… and you will be!”

“We can and will shape history.”

“It normally takes time for teams to melt the ice, open up, and collaborate. Here it happened in a natural and joyful flow”.

“It has transformed me and the way in which I can design and influence my life in a more brave and bold way.”

“Think big, and be very very brave.”

“Never stop trying.”

“The ideas and visions that big things can be done, that they can last and that hopefully, we as individuals and as a group, can do something big that lasts in the future. Just get it done!”

“Experience, knowledge, passion and beauty.”

“I have enjoyed the magic and will take the magic with me.”

“Very ambitious visions and ideas can be achieved and  can last in the future. Just get it done!”

“The conviction about how we can change the world just as it was done in the past.”

“This experience is mostly about learning about ourselves, about history and myself.”

“I have understood how little I actually know. That makes me feel very humble. I will bring back a lot of energy from here, from all of you, from this culture and experience.”

“I have picked up a lot of information and I believe that I can develop that to a knowledge that will change the world in the future.”

“I will bring back this idea of the importance of the cooperation between economy, culture and arts and how real change can happen and make progress in all these fields.”

“We bring back a feeling of friendship and trust. We liked very much being with you and created together a nice harmony.”

“These days have been wonderful and I wish to give my sincerest thanks to you for the devotion and emotion that the team has transferred. I hope that we will work together for many years to come, so let’s give a big hand of applause to the organisers.”

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