Transforming and Inspiring Leaders

Leaders, entrepreneurs and managers are under constant pressure to achieve ambitious results, motivate their teams, innovate and explore new paths while dealing with an uncertain, rapidly changing future. They need to nurture their deeper sense of purpose through inspiration and reflection.

Leaders from primary organisations  such as the Lego Foundation, Rolls-Royce, Accenture, Fujitsu, have addressed this challenge with FUTOUR through the  Renaissing® programme: an innovative experiential learning process that encourages reflection, personal growth, inspiration and leadership through deep dives into art, beauty, architecture, history and nature.
Each experience is designed to address the core issues that are relevant to the company and managers, making them the main actors and players, within extraordinary settings.

We run our programmes in Florence, Rome, Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Athens, London, Amsterdam and Washington, by carefully choosing unique, authentic and meaningful stages and journeys.

The specific choice of locations, metaphors, activities, facilitation and coaching techniques, guarantees empowering and life changing experiences powerful that involve all the senses and help to stretch one’s comfort zone within safe, nurturing and regenerating environments.

The Renaissing experiences, like the “Grand Tours” of Goethe, Montaigne or Stendhal, have a profound personal and collective impact on participant’s mind, heart, spirit and will.

The content and duration of each programme is chosen together so as to find inspirations on vision, leadership, collaboration, communication, innovation, strategy, the integration of groups and resources, team spirit, talent scouting and empowerment.
Renaissing® keeps inspiring and transforming hundreds of top managers, CEOs, executives and also teams of employees dealing with complex challenges.

To address your personal and organisational leadership challenges, inspired by art, beauty, history and nature from the past, present and future, contact us for your customised Renaissing programme.

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